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Alright, guess it's time to post my grandiose Rainbow Rocks impressions, opinions and why you should shell out money to watch this movie about HORSE WOMEN in a High School Battle Of The Bands!

Of course, this is from my own personal standpoint and enjoyment from the whole thing so take it as you will.

I'll be doing a ton of spoilery talk but do my best not to point out every little thing about it but be warned either way.

Untitled by AniRichie-Art
Penny is ready for Rainbow Rocks!

Alright, went to the Premiere over in Whittier CA and from my earlier impressions of the movie...... I had none.
I've been avoiding EQG2 like crazy, I never saw any of the 7 or 8 trailers released and did a good job of that up until the movie!
I'm one of those people who would rather hold off on spoiling myself stupid with leaks as possible and enjoy the film completely when it's released.

Untitled by AniRichie-Art
Here's hoping it outdoes it's predecessor! 

But yeah, I had no expectations going into it since I knew next to nothing about it. I know there were three villains, I knew Flash Sentry would return and strike FEAR into the hearts of Waifu Bronies everywhere and that in itself puts a smile on my face. But seriously, aside from that, I was hoping for more Flash and Sunset Shimmer Development.

Img 20140927 132634032 by AniRichie-Art
Best antagonist was ready for the movie!

Alright MOVIE GO!

Right from the start we get some good continuity from the first movie setting the stage for this one with Sunset Satan's defeat.
The villains are introduced and see Sunset's defeat and strive to take the 'Equestria Magic' for themselves. 
Adagio Dazzle, Aria, and Sonata are essentially sirens who sing to get their strength and feed off the negative vibes from everyone else.

I'm sorry, but they way they did this throughout the whole movie made me laugh because they fed off their fellow students energies by emitting a green cloud and corrupting everyone nearby. The green cloud looks like someone let out a HUGE one or someone has a really bad case of B.O. Jokes aside, I have no objection to them doing this method. 

The movie starting out was pretty slow paced, we see that everyone in Canterlot High School still hasn't forgiven Sunset Shimmer for that whole 'Take over Equestria' thing and they completely and ruthlessly let her have it most of the movie and I really really feel for her! XD

The Mane 6 minus Twilight do their best to support Sunset even though the whole school refuse to cut SS any slack, even Celestia and Luna. 

Flash Sentry gets some decent screentime even showing he's still wonderin' about Twilight and in which I cheered my head off when he asked about her. Hell I cheered whenever he was on the screen!

But yeah, the villains make their move and slowly corrupt everyone including the Principals and make them do a Battle Of The Bands instead of a friendly music competition. The Mane 6 get suspicious and so they need help from Equestria!

Enter Twilight who returns back to the Human world with Spike, YAY Loopholes around the 30 Moons Portal!

Right from the start, they team up and use Friendship Deus Ex Machina to beat the Dazzlings but that backfires completely. Most people have said that this was worse than Spike's Awkward Cloudsdale song. I'm sorry but I disagree. This was awkward and cringeworthy as hell but NOTHING can top Spike's awful song. XD

Afterward they BAND together, literally, and discover they can beat the Dazzlings using their combined power of song and unity, but things really do not go well for them.

During the movie, they constantly deal with issues arising, ego's clashing within the group, added believable stress on Twilight to write the 'best' song, Rarity being Rarity and wondering about their Fashion for the competition , Dash being a total DASH-hole again and more or less them falling apart and not realizing the true goal of why they formed the band in the first place: To stop the Dazzlings.

Eventually they pull through and beat the Dazzlings thanks to the unsung hero of this whole damn movie:

Flash Sentry?


Shimmerbetes by Ambassad0r


I was really worried about her involvement of this movie or what role she played, but the writers DID NOT DISAPPOINT as they completely hit it out of the park with her development and how much of a vital role she played in RR. She basically WAS the main character in this movie, I'll be honest. I know Twilight is the main character, but I felt her involvement wasn't as strong. Her dealing with stress to write the right song to destroy the Dazzlings was good, but Twilight essentially took a backseat in this movie compared to SS.

SS had conflict within her, keeping her ideas, opinions and thoughts to herself and not getting involved with the band until the end when she was really needed. She was the voice of reason. She saved the band from spilling the beans to the Dazzlings and revealing their plan to stop them, she was the glue that held the Rainbooms (The Mane 6 band) together offering her ideas of why they shouldn't fight and not once did she ever resort to evil, shifty tactics out of fear of being isolated again, but instead stuck with them and became a very effective character.

Sunset Shimmer has completely pulled a Zuko-esqe character reform in a span of 90 minutes and it was beautiful.
It was just fucking beautiful. There is definitely more to say about this so seeing the movie yourself is the better idea.

But, I'm just blown away still. I loved SS before, but she has reached the top of my Best pony list. Sorry Applejack.

Let's not even mention the moments with her being so FUCKING CUTE! There were a LOT!
There were also a lot of moments of everyone treating her like complete shit and not letting her forget the past, which is understandable. 

Ok, if I keep talking about her, this journal will never end, but SS is totally safe in this movie, you have something to look forward to here.

Other things.

There was ANOTHER unsung hero in the movie, I'm not gonna say anything else. I'll keep it a surprise.

Flash Sentry's involvement was more or less the same, didn't have as much development, but had a small decent amount to pull the movie along. There we're a lot of cute Twi/Flash moments of course and especially one particular scene that I will always remember thanks to a young kid in the audience going "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" The kids were even fans of Twi/Flash and it was incredible. 

Let's see, as said before I felt Twilight's presence was pretty weak, her struggle and conflict though was believable and held strong, but again, she was in the BG like most of Season 4.

Little things and cameos:

Derpy had a lot, which was pretty cool.
Snips and Snails ARE Bulk and Skull. Wait till you see their entry for the music battle.
Lyra and Bon Bon is an official ship.
Octavia MIGHT piss some people off in a certain aspect of her screentime, other than that, it was refreshing to see her in RR.
Vinyl Scratch is a fucking badass! That's all I can say. Also she has one sweet car! XD
Maud Pie is in this movie. Only for a short time, but that's all she needed to completely scare the ever-loving crap out of me.
Gummy is in RR, look out for him.
Spike is best photobomber.
Pinkie has a serious whipped cream fetish

Trixie.... eh.......
Trixie got a LOT of Screentime in this movie and I'm sure Sethisto is off somewhere worshiping his Trixie shrine in the closet thanks to this movie.

She was a total, ugh. My hatred for her has been rekindled.
I'd still like to say "Fuck You Trixie" for a certain scene that happened that got my jimmies rustled and I will never ever forgive you for that.

Hatred aside, she DID have a significant role in this movie and did her share of pushing the movie along, I'll give her that. She does have a repetitive gag in the movie which made me laugh.


To sum it all up, RR was definitely a stronger movie than the first one, we get excellent development of characters, believable conflict within the main group and their main goal was very close and doomed to failure, the villains were very good, Sonata was a great comedy relief character and the Dazzlings have vibes of Azula, Tai Ly and Mai from Avatar The Last Airbender!


As if you didn't need any other reason to support Equestria Girls, RR pulls an incredible ending scene after the credits that would make even MARVEL proud and give us a LOT to talk about with their final scene and hopes for the next EG movie. That's all I can say. It was quite the eye opener!

I'd rate the movie 9.5/10!

- Trini

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- Trini
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