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For those wondering, YES I shall be making a 6 or 7 month transition progress video from where I started and up to now! <3

Will begin that soonish.

So yes, horse con was a thing last weekend and I for one enjoyed myself.

Going up to San Fran from Los Angeles is pretty rough to get used to because I really do not like going up there with the damn chilly, breezy weather and the damn expensive everything else.

Img 20150401 102853225 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150401 103751397 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150401 103909905 by AniRichie-Art

Img 20150401 150242844 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150401 150857721 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150401 151107263 by AniRichie-Art


Img 20150401 154925657 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150401 155052471 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150401 155425639 by AniRichie-Art

Regardless, the overall experience of Bay Area Brony Spectacular - BABSCon was another great and enjoyable time although things got very serious and turned ugly the first two days. We were there for 6 days and 5 nights.

A friend got very very ill and I needed to watch over her. She was able to be okay once the day ended. The second day which was Day 0 and me being trans and trying to experiment more dressing up, got hit with serious gender dysphoria and it got very ugly.

It passed though, just in time for the convention. I went to get my badge (despite the long 45 minute wait and I was starving. My friends as industry and panelists had it worse waiting for 2 hours)

The first two days were rough but thankfully we had a convention ahead of us to check out!

The Hyatt Hotel was very beautiful as well. Had a beautiful atrium and had a dome covering the whole area:

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art

People were lining up and off in the corner, one Brony was developing a real life "Pony Simulator" for people to try. The name escapes me right now, but it was pretty cool. I set Trixie's hat on fire. :D

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art

Once I got my badge, I ran like hell to the American Grill across the street (and braving the walk of DEATH, AKA the breezy and cold SF marine layer) to get some food.

Img 20150406 145637082 Hdr by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 145641337 by AniRichie-Art
Img 20150406 145644848 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 145649703 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150402 191056866 by AniRichie-Art

I was alone and after I placed my order, I was invited over to eat along with like ALL of the music Bronies, lmao.

They were pretty cool dudes. From one creative person to another, it was pretty awesome to hang with them for a little bit.

Later on, the rest of my roommates show up along with our merch guy for the vendor table and I was ready to begin my convention!



First day where we got things going. I cosplayed Rainbow Dash, a new cosplay and my friends were vending in the vendor hall!

Img 20150403 140243932 Hdr by AniRichie-Art 

We were in the main vendor hall this time and not the Artist Alley. A lot of people swung on by this weekend. I was there manning the table for :iconrainbow-smashed:'s art and selling stuff. We were also next to my friend and roommate :iconvictordaworker: where he was in charge of our merch. We sold buttons, prints, keychains and sketch commissions!

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art
Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art 

Shoutouts to lovely people like: :icontsitra360: :iconleekfish: :iconsteveholtiscool: :iconpurpletinker: :iconlittleivy25: and many others who were our neighbors in the vendor hall!

I added another plush to my collection getting Pinkie Pie! I do miss WeLoveFine and I wish they were selling merch at Babs, but they didn't. I had planned on buying a lot of shirts from them but it wasn't possible. :/

The night was concluded with the Infamous Read It and Weep panel and holy crap was the panel so successful. The attendance was doubled from last year and was such a hit that we needed to cut the time for each participant because there were so many people who wanted to read!

We had FimflamFilosophy and the head creators of the Twilight's Secret Shipfic folder in charge of judging!
It was a fun night!

Img 20150403 215543411 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150403 214454491 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150403 215523166 by AniRichie-Art

The video is either up on Ponyville Live or we'll upload it to our Dysfunctional Equestria channel soon.



Day of the season premiere. I did not watch it.

Began some filming for Dysfunctional Equestria and then went to change as Flash Sentry. I really enjoyed cosplaying him and the reactions I got from people when the first saw me sustained me, lmao. They saw the Bride Twilight and I enjoyed their reactions! I even got several "GO TO HELL"'s thrown my way and I just SMILED! >D

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art

There was one panel that was the highlight of the day and that was the LGBT ponies panel hosted by the head of Babscon, PurpleTinker and several others. This panel got very serious and emotional very quickly. In that room, I was not cosplaying, but I was myself again Trini who was transitioning as a trans woman and telling people my experiences being trans, how I came out and my story. A lot of us got very emotional and it was a very good thing to have this kind of panel because we as members of the LGBTAIQ community, we need more representation since we're always treated so badly.

This was such a great panel, a lot of people got emotional, supported each other, hugged everyone and was one of my favorite moments , if not the best moment of the convention.

This get together of people was really really needed!

After that, I hooked up with the D.E. crew and we went out into the city to Pier 39, ate at Bubba Gump shrimp and as before with tradition: Ghirardelli's!

That fucking chocolate!!

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art

Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art Img 20150404 234043 by AniRichie-Art



The last day was as expected: the last day. Less people around in the vendor hall, sales were slow, but still a good day overall.

I also had the chance to debut my revamped Twilight Sparkle cosplay and man do I love wearing her! It came out so well and I had such a blast.

Img 20150405 144009139 Hdr by AniRichie-Art Img 20150405 151317619 by AniRichie-Art Untitled by AniRichie-Art

I ran into a few people whom I follow and I finally met them and they gave me nothing but the sweetest complements about my Twilight as well as my gender transition calling me cute and adorable and holy shit, it was exactly what I wanted to hear after my confidence was shaken a few days before.

Sunday was a total confidence booster for my self esteem and I really needed it. 
After this point, I feel like I can finally move on towards building on my confidence and happiness thanks to everyone being so supportive in what I'm going through and I couldn't feel any happier.

Other things on Sunday was I attended the WendysCon panel, did some photoshoots as Twilight, attended the LGBT Pizza Party with the panels and members of the LGBT Ponies panel. (Even if we had trouble trying to figure out if the meet was at 6pm or 9pm, whoops.)

I even started a new concept called SELFIE CON 2015:
Taking selfies with some of the talent and fan talent as well.

Img 20150405 143524176 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150405 182852496 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150405 163444146 by AniRichie-Art
Img 20150404 103740806 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150404 102906154 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150404 094249467 Hdr by AniRichie-Art

Wonderful shoutouts to the lovely: :iconhugsomebunny: :iconsolracng: :iconcalpain-eqd: and the show staff Peter New and G.M. Berrow! Also shoutouts to Dustykatt and :iconsavrindrake: who showed us a SIGN!! 

Img 20150405 141847446 Hdr by AniRichie-Art

We closed up shop in the Vendor Hall and people had to leave!
Babscon was officially over!

Img 20150405 142307220 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150405 142313625 by AniRichie-Art 



Babscon ended and it was a great experience and despite all that happened during the con, I STILL DID NOT SEE THE SEASON PREMIERE! XD
We had to get out of our room cause it closed at 12pm and we packed up. Victor Daworker had a long drive ahead of him so me and my other friends decided to watch the season Premiere finally and we got so creeped out by it! XD

Our other friends headed home and my and my friend Jessica stayed behind until 6 and we took our flight back home to LA!

Img 20150406 175649832 Hdr by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 174247367 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 180325 by AniRichie-Art

Img 20150406 183838793 Hdr by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 184034859 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 184050733 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 184317900 by AniRichie-Art

Img 20150406 193058536 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 193333631 by AniRichie-Art Img 20150406 193432862 by AniRichie-Art

Babscon was a great experience, some ugly bumps along the way but hopefully I can make a run and do this again.
I am planning on going to EQUESTRIALA in September and work towards getting a vendor table for myself so hopefully those plans fall into place.

I'll leave two lasting memories of the con before I end here, but I ALSO MET THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!

Img 20150405 114130781 Hdr by AniRichie-Art

And lastly, I AM WATCHING YOU!

Untitled by AniRichie-Art

Shoutout to my friend :iconklplushies: for scaring the hell out of everyone and regular hotel attendees. XD

Untitled by AniRichie-Art 


- Trini  <3

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